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June, 2004 - Are You Ready for FIELD DAY?

Most popular Field Day Logging Programs incorporate CW Keyers and Voice Keyers which will also enhance your FIELD DAY score.   RIGblaster pro, Plus and M8 are ideal Radio to Computer Interface units to facilitate these functions. Note RIGblaster M8 has been reduced from $109.95 to $89.95 making it, now more than ever, a great buy. RIGblasters
PSK31 is becoming a very popular mode for FIELD DAY. Remember those PSK31 contacts are Digital contacts and Digital contacts count two points each whereas Phone contacts count as only one point each.   Even the special FIELD DAY bulletin is transmitted by W1AW in PSK31.
RIGblaster nomic is an ideal Radio to Computer Interface for a Dedicated PSK31 FIELD DAY Station.   It requires no power and takes up very little space.

PWRcrimp Powerpole® Crimp Tool:   PWRcrimp   $49.95
This New tool from West Mountain Radio will help make sure ALL your FIELD DAY Stations are equipped with properly installed Anderson® Powerpole® connectors allowing for quick setup, tear down and emergency swap outs (if necessary).

PWRgate PG40:   PWRgate   $59.95

The PWRgate PG40 safely connects both a Power Supply and a Battery to your FIELD DAY Station insuring you will not miss anything or loose your working frequency while the generator is being refueled.
The PWRgate PG40 is rated at 40 Amperes, adequate for most FIELD DAY Stations.

Sealed Lead Acid AGM $119.95 Battery
Gelled Electrolyte $139.95

Sealed lead acid batteries in both Gelled Electrolyte and AGM (absorbed glass matt) types, perfect for FIELD DAY fail safe operation.   Maintenance Free so they will be ready for FIELD DAY 2005.

DCtoGO - Battery Box with RIGrunner    DCtoGO - Battery Box with RIGrunner   $114.95

Battery Fuse & Terminal Kit    Battery Fuse & Terminal Kit   $7.95

This kit is designed to provide fuse protection to the positive lead from a Battery or Power Supply so that everything you bring to FIELD DAY goes home in operational condition.
It consists of:

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We also answer questions and take orders by phone at 203.853.8080

73 and GL at FD from the Hams at West Mountain Radio, 18 Sheehan Ave., Norwalk, CT 06854

Dan, N1ZZ      Del, K1UHF      Ned, KA1CVV      John, N1OLO      Ed, K3EIN     

(Look for us on FIELD DAY at N1EV, the Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club)

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