West Mountain Radio Raises the Bar with Improved CLRspkr DSP Noise Reduction Speaker

West Mountain Radio today announced production on an enhanced CLRspkr DSP Noise Reduction Speaker.

New and improved for 2011, the CLRspkr has been enhanced to increase its performance and ease of use.

Enhancements include:

Best of all, West Mountain Radio was able to make these improvements without raising the price!

The CLRspkr is a compact, portable loudspeaker containing an adaptive DSP noise reduction circuit with a 10W audio amplifier. The Clearspeech™ adaptive DSP algorithms analyze the noise content of the incoming signal, then greatly attenuate or completely remove hum, hiss, ignition and powerline noise, static and heterodynes. What you hear is clean voice and CW, with over 85% of the noise removed. Click here to experience the noise reduction for yourself.

The new volume control knob allows users to adjust audio volume for easy listening. This allows the radio's receive sound level to be optimized for other uses such as interfacing to a West Mountain Radio RIGblaster sound card interface. Relocating the external headphone jack to the front of the unit makes it even easier for users to experience noise free sound through their favorite speakers or headphones.

The CLRspkr DSP Noise Reduction Speaker is priced at $219.95 and includes a tilt mounting bracket, audio cable and power cord with Anderson Powerpole® connectors. It is available for immediate shipment from West Mountain Radio, or may be ordered from any authorized West Mountain Radio dealer.