Epic PWRgate
12V Backup Power System
with Built-in Smart Battery Charger
Epic PWRgate
  • Continuous output current of up to 40A
  • Lead Acid or Li-Ion battery charging
  • Optional direct solar panel input
  • USB port access to monitor system

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USB Port Monitor
USB Port Monitor
  • Measures voltage and current
  • Tests USB-based chargers for current flow and proper turn-off

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A RIGblaster is the easiest way to properly connect your radio to a computer for digital mode communications and rig control. Works with over 100 ham radio sound card software and rig control programs.
A RIGrunner is the most convenient and safest way to connect all of your 12VDC equipment to a power source. It is a 13.8VDC power panel that uses the excellent Anderson Powerpole® connectors. Standardize all of your 12VDC connections using the amateur radio, ARES & RACES, RSGB and ARRL Powerpole® system.
Power management devices that protect both the radio equipment and the systems that power them. These devices provide both battery charge management, load management, power monitoring and data logging features.
The Computerized Battery Analyzer works with your computer to perform scientific testing of virtually any type or size of battery, any chemistry, any number of cells up to 55 volts, up to 2000 watts.
West Mountain Radio's proprietary ClearSpeech® Adaptive Noise Filtering Algorithm attenuates or completely removes hum, hiss, ignition and powerline noise, static and heterodynes. Speaker and processor versions are available for your home or mobile station.

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