West Mountain Radio Introduces Powerful Monitoring Tool for DC Power Systems

Introducing PWRcheck, an integrated DC power analyzer, watt meter and electricity monitor. PWRcheck enables amateur radio enthusiasts, emergency service providers and site operators to assess load requirements and monitor the status and health of their DC power supply systems.

Capabilities include:

The versatile PWRcheck can be used to assess and monitor critical performance parameters of a DC power system in real time. Measurements are displayed on a backlit graphics LCD screen in 13 different modes. Allows users to view volts, amps, wattage and amp-hours as digital readouts or analog gauges. The display even has an easy-to-read "gas gauge" bar graph displaying the remaining charge in the back-up battery.

The alarm can be set to flash the display when user programmable limits are exceeded, giving users warning of an impending system failure.

Insert PWRcheck in the high-side of the system, between the battery or power supply's positive terminal and the load(s). This greatly simplifies installation in vehicles or rigs that have one side of each load connected to a common ground or chassis ground for the return path to the battery. PWRcheck's current sensor only drops 0.1V@40A, minimizing power losses in systems where PWRcheck is permanently installed as a monitor.

Utilize PWRcheck as a data logging instrument that can capture and retain a 45 day history and file - ready for download to a laptop computer during maintenance visits for recording site history and analysis of component performance and failure conditions.

The included PWRcheck PC software allows users to control every aspect of PWRcheck operation such as data logging rate, display formats and alarm conditions. The integrated charting software automatically collects and displays data including voltage, amps and wattage vs. time. Data can also be exported to spreadsheet programs such as Excel for further analysis.

PWRcheck is priced at $125, including software, and features Anderson Powerpole® for source and load connections. It is available for immediate shipment from West Mountain Radio, or may be ordered from any authorized West Mountain Radio dealer.

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