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The User Photo Gallery is where we post pictures of Ham Shacks, Mobile Installations, etc. submitted by our customers that include our products.If you have a picture you would like to have us post here, attach it to an e-mail note and send it to us at:

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April 2007
RIGblaster M8: Might be an older version, but sure works great
Thanks for such a fine product.
73 de George / KB1FCB
Athol, Massachusetts.

RIGblaster M8 at KB1FCB

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Picture taken of my digital setup comprising of a TS-570 and RIGblaster Pro.
Station is M3LCD (Merlin in Worcester UK)
Many thanks for the excellent product!!
73 de M3LCD
Merlin in Worcester

RIGblaster Pro at M3LCD

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What a wonderful job your company has done on making such a fine product. Set up was very easy and it compliments my Yaesu FT-920 very well. I have included a picture to show you how well it looks. The 920 has the same green and red leds as the Pro and with the shack lights dimmed it is a very pretty site in rx and tx. I am receiving excellent reports and IMD readings. It also eliminated some of the rf noise I was experiencing. As a registered MixW user, it compliments the software nicely. Thanks for an excellent product and glad to be one of the first users of the new Rigblaster Pro.Gary Hays

RIGblaster Pro at W5PSK

The Exceptionally Neat RIGrunner Powered RIGblaster Equipped Hamshack of KF6ZB

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Emergency Vehicle done by John Leekley, Jr., WB9SMM using 2 4012 RIGrunners to power everything in the vehicle.
These photos were taken during an MS Fund Raiser ("Best Dam Bike Tour") the weekend of August 3&4, 2002.

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Just wanted to say thanks for a GREAT product in the RigRunner line. I have purchased a number of them now, and every time it makes the job as easy as possible. This photo of a typical installation for one of our RACES members (Mobile radios and other equipment in their Autos.) A Gel-Cell battery runs all power to the radio, HT charger, rechargeable flashlight, and DC/AC Inverter. The RigRunner makes this installation incredibly simple, and it's easy to swap out equipment between vehicles when necessary by just pulling one plug.
Bill Honeyman

Power Supply of N1EE

Hello there,
I'm not sure who will be getting this email, but hello to all my good friends at West Mountain Radio. Here is a photo of my old Heathkit power supplies, improved with a rig-runner 4005. Pop rivets work great with the rig runner and make it easy to mount them on power supplies.
Bart Senior N1EE