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Spring, 2003

RIGblaster pro:   

Our new RIGblaster pro is a big hit. We have finally caught up on the demand and have them in stock with hundreds on the air. We invite you to read the April 2003 QST RIGblaster pro review. QST editor, Steve Ford, WB8IMY gave us a great review.

TheRIGblaster pro has many features the other RIGblasters do not:

We thank all our early customers who waited patiently for the first RIGblaster pros.

CD-ROM Version 6.0:   

We just released version 6.0 of our CD-ROM.  Almost all of the programs from our previous version were updated and we have added lots of new programs especially for the RIGblaster pro.   These added programs include applications such as rig control and transmit speech processing.

Any Ideas:   

We are looking for new product ideas, anything: antennas, test gear, you name it!   If you would like to give it to us for us to use send it by e-mail, FAX(203.299.0232) or Mail(WMR, 18 Sheehan Ave., Norwalk, CT 06854).   We will give you one of the first units.   If you would like to discuss using your idea, contact us first.

BTW if you are an Amateur Radio Software Author and you write a freeware program that works with the RIGblaster you get a free RIGblaster, this has always been our policy.

Your comments:   

If you have the time please put a RIGblaster or RIGrunner review on eHam for us.   If you do not already know about eHam it is an on-line Amateur Radio magazine.

New Software releases:   

The latest version of K1RFD's EchoLink, Internet radio linking, has an improved DTMF decoder with special provisions to eliminate sound card timing issues affecting Voice over IP and DTMF functions along with several other new features including APRS support.
Download this latest version at

The latest release of UT2UZ's, MixW, already the most capable multi-mode program, has a fantastic new MFSK digital picture mode.   Ideal for the RIGblaster pro.
Download MixW here

K1JT's WSJT has a new beta release, 3.6.3, with a special new JT6M mode optimized for 6 meter meteor scatter.   WSJT already has FSK441 for meteor scatter, JT44 for extreme weak signal & EME, plus EME echo testing and system noise measurement modes.
To see the activity on WSJT go to

OnLine Ordering at

We also take orders by phone at 203.853.8080

73  from the Hams at West Mountain Radio

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