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August, 2003

Announcing: RIGrunner 4010S:      NEW! Automatic on/off

A RIGrunner is the most convenient and safest way to connect all your 12 VDC equipment to a power source. It is a 13.8 VDC power panel that uses the excellent Anderson Powerpole® connectors. Standardize all of your 12 VDC connections using the amateur radio ARES & RACES, RSGB, ARRL Powerpole® system.

The New RIGrunner 4010S has one always on "Master" outlet and 9 automatically or manually controlled switched outlets. Plug your main radio into the master outlet, turn it ON or OFF to automatically control the other nine 40A (max) switched outlets. The switching is done with a 100A solid state automatic FET switch with temperature and over current protection. There are no switches to arc or burnout. The FET switch, in its on condition, has less than .005 ohms resistance. It has our unambiguous precision overvoltage and under voltage indicators. An audio alert is selectable for over and/or under voltage or may be disabled.

New RIGrunner Accessories:

Whatt Meter   

Dimensions H,W,D 2.25" X 4.25" X .938" Pigtail with Powerpole® 2.5" min
Maximum Voltage 80 volts Minimum Voltage 4 volts
Maximum Amps 80 amps Current resolution 100 milliamps
Voltage resolution 10 mv Max Watts 6,400 watts
Watts resolution 0.1 watt Max A/hr 99.9 amp hours
ma hour resolution 10 ma hours Connectors Powerpole®

RIGrunner/Powerpole® Accessories from Quick Silver Radio Products

Powerpole® connectors adapting to the following connector types:

HF Radio Fused 6-Pole Connector FT-817 Plug ICOM/Kenwood HT Plug
FM Mobile Fused "T-style" Connector FT-817 & LDG Z-11 Tuner Gel Cell Connectors
5.5 x 2.5 mm Jack & Plug 5.5 x 2.1mm Jack & Plug Y Connector
Cigarette Lighter Receptacle Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug Large Alligator Clips

See our Web Site where you can get more detail and see pictures of each of these adapter cables.

Powerpole® is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products

New RIGblaster Accessories:

New Optional Cables

See our Web Site where you can get more detail and see pictures of each of these new RIGblaster Accessories.

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