December, 2004

West Mountain Radio Products Make Excellent Holiday Gifts

USB RIGblasters
Many new computers do not have serial ports thereby preventing their use with ham radio digital software. We have previously offered the IOGEAR USB to Serial Port Adapter to address this problem. This adapter has a DB9 male serial connector and a standard Type A USB plug. Software drivers are included. Now we have bundled this adapter with our RIGblaster pro, RIGblaster Plus and RIGblaster nomic and refer to them as "USB RIGblasters." When sold separately the IOGEAR USB to Serial Port Adapter is offered at $34.95.
- - - Standard RIGblasters - - -
pro - $249.95 Plus - $139.95 nomic - $59.95
- - - USB RIGblasters - - -
pro - $269.95 Plus - $159.95 nomic - $69.95

Emergency Power for your Ham Station
With so much emphasis on emergency preparedness, we have many new products that can prepare your ham station for any emergency and the power outages they may bring. A PG40 will, without interruption, safely power your station from either a Power Supply or a Battery and it also has a built in Float Charger. Our PWRgate PG40 Backup Power System, when used in conjunction with a RIGrunner, will provide uninterrupted power to all your 12VDC Ham Station Equipment. We also carry quality sealed AGM and Gelled Batteries suitable for indoor use. Both are Group 24 size and are rated at about 75 AHr which will provide many hours of emergency operation. Our Battery Box, made for Group 24 size batteries, provides a safe place to keep any indoor use battery. Consider our DCtoGO - Battery Box with RIGrunner to power emergency equipment at remote locations or any other application where portable 12VDC power is needed. So that you will know the status of your batteries at all times, we have two PWRmeters and a WhattMeter all of which will simultaneously read out Volts, Amps, AmpHours, Watts and WhattHours. The PWRmeter Plus will attach to the serial port of your computer and with included software will act as a recording meter. All of these products have Anderson Powerpole® connecters, so you will also have to install them on all your 12VDC equipment. For this we recommend our PWRcrimp Crimp Tool, a quality crimping tool designed specially for 15, 30 and 45A Powerpole® connectors and enabling you to make professional crimps. We also carry a variety of pre-packaged Powerpole® Connectors in 15, 30 and 45A sizes along with #10 and #12 Black/Red Zip Cord in any length.
4005 - $59.95 4008 - $92.95     4010S - $119.95 4012 - $112.95
Ham Station Emergency Power Equipment
PG40 - $69.95 AGM Battery - $119.95 Gelled Battery - $139.95
Battery Box - $15.95 DCtoGO - $114.95 PWRcrimp Tool - $49.95
PWRmeter - $69.95 PWRmeter Plus - $89.95 WhattMeter - $69.95
15A Powerpole® Connectors 30A Powerpole® Connectors 45A Powerpole® Connectors
12 Pr - $10.49   25 Pr - $19.95 6 Pr - $5.49   12 Pr - $10.49
25 Pr - $19.95   100 Pr - $69.95
6 Pr - $6.95   12 Pr - $12.49
25 Pr - $23.95   100 Pr - $84.95

Computerized Battery Analyzer
Our new Computer Battery Analyzer lets you learn all about your batteries. It scientifically tests virtually any type of battery, Lead Acid, NiCad, NiMH, Li Ion, Li Poly, Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Mercury etc, from coin cell to automotive or larger, and any number of cells up to 48 volts. Just plug the cable into the computer's USB port, install the software and connect your charged battery to the CBA. With the program running enter a test name, the battery’s type and voltage, and run the constant current analysis up to 40 amperes, or 150 watts. The computer displays the batteries voltage, current, ampere-hours, and watts. You can do multiple measurements, print the results, export to Excel and even print labels to stick on your batteries. This is the ideal way to know and to maintain the condition of each battery. Make sure your HTs’ are ready to go, and your station has sufficient battery power.
Computerized Battery Analyzer
C B A - $99.95
Computerized Battery Analyzer Accessories
CBA Magnetic Temperature Probe - $10.95 Universal Servo Adapter - $6.95 Deans Ultra Adapter - $8.95
Astro Flight Zero Loss Adapter - $10.95   JST Adapter - $6.95

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