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Winter, 2005

West Mountain Radio Products Make Excellent Holiday Gifts
NEW - RIGtalk USB Rig Control Interface
Great "Stocking Stuffer"

Do everything the Icom CT-17 does for about 1/3 the price
Without the requirement for a serial port.

  • USB to Serial Converter with TTL Output
  • USB Interface for CAT and CI-V Radios
  • Pre-wired and Tested Cables for:
    • Icom Radios with CI-V Interface
    • Ten Tec Radios with CI-V Interface
    • Yaesu Radios with TTL CAT Interface
  • HT Programming and Cloning Cables - Available Soon
  • Use any Rig Control & Logging Software that is
    compatible with your computer and radio
  • A USB RIGtalk is perfect if you have no serial port
  • Includes CD-ROM for Plug & Play installation
  • CD-ROM also includes Owners Manual
    and a Collection of Third Party
    Rig Control and Logging Software
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New. Updated & Recently Tested Software

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Ham Radio Deluxe
We recently tested this fascinating program with the new RIGtalk USB Rig Control Interface.
During the test we used an Icom IC-756PRO and an Icom IC-820H connected in parallel to the RIGtalk.

Ham Radio Deluxe allowed us to create a profile for each of these radios which made changing from one to the other as simple as disconnecting from one and connecting to the other.

Some of the features we especially like about HRD:

If you are interested in trying a great Rig Control program, we urge you to download and try Ham Radio Deluxe. The best part is...IT'S FREE.
Hats off to Simon Brown, HB9DRV and the entire HRD Development team.

New Version of WSJT (5.9.0)

There is a new version of K1JT's WSJT weak signal EME, meteor scatter program.   For those of you that haven't tried WSJT EME or meteor scatter you can work over 500,000 miles on 2 meters with a single long yagi and 100 watts!   You can work meteor scatter 1500 miles with 25 watts and a halo!.

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The newest version includes

Get this latest version today at the WSJT Web Site. IT'S ALSO FREE.
From Joe Taylor, K1JT
Lower Price on RIGblaster Plus

Due to continued sales and lower production costs, we are able to lower the price of the ever popular RIGblaster Plus from $139.95 to $129.95.

Order yours today at WESTMOUNTAINRADIO.COM

USB Version available for an additional $20.00.

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Now $129.95

Power for your Ham Station in an Emergency
2005 proved the importance of Amateur Radio emergency preparedness. West Mountain Radio has products that can prepare your ham station for any emergency and the power outages they may bring. A PG40 or PG40S will, without interruption, safely power your station from either a Power Supply or a Battery and they also have a built in charging circuits. Either the PWRgate PG40 or the Super PWRgate PG40S Backup Power Systems, when used in conjunction with a RIGrunner, will provide uninterrupted power to all your 12VDC Ham Station Equipment. The PG40S has a modern State-of-the-Art multi stage charging circuit that will intelligently charge and maintain a battery. The PG40 has a simple float charger which will maintain a charged battery. We also carry quality sealed AGM and Gelled Batteries suitable for indoor use. Both are Group 24 size and are rated at about 75 AHr which will provide many hours of emergency operation. So that you will know the status of your batteries at all times, we have the WhattMeter which will simultaneously read out Volts, Amps, AmpHours, Watts and WhattHours. All of these products have Anderson Powerpole® connecters, especially convenient for all your 12VDC equipment. For installing Powerpole® connectors, we recommend our PWRcrimp Crimp Tool, a quality crimping tool designed specially for 15, 30 and 45A Powerpole® connectors. We also carry pre-packaged Powerpole® Connectors in 15, 30 and 45A sizes.
4005 - $59.95 4008 - $79.95     4010S - $109.95 4012 - $99.95
Ham Station Emergency Power Equipment
PG40 - $69.95     PG40S - $119.95 AGM Battery - $129.95 Gelled Battery - $149.95
Battery Box - $15.95 DCtoGO - $114.95 PWRcrimp Tool - $49.95
WhattMeter - $69.95
15A Powerpole® Connectors 30A Powerpole® Connectors 45A Powerpole® Connectors
12 Pr - $10.95   100 Pr - $74.95 12 Pr - $10.95   100 Pr - $74.95 12 Pr - $12.49   100 Pr - $97.95


We recently learned Kenwood has reversed two of the pins on the microphone connector of their TS-480SAT and TS-480HX which makes the Kenwood RJ45 Jumpering Diagrams in our RIGblaster Owners Manuals incorrect for these radios. Correct Jumpering Diagrams are here: RIGblaster pro    RIGblaster M8 & Plus    RIGblaster nomic

More detail plus OnLine Ordering at

TOLL FREE 888.WEST.MTN (888.937.8686) orders only

Holiday Greetings & 73  from the Hams at West Mountain Radio
18 Sheehan Ave., Norwalk, CT 06854

Dan, N1ZZ      Del, K1UHF      Ned, KA1CVV      John, N1OLO      Ed, K3EIN     

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