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Fall, 2005

It's Always Time to Think About Emergency Ham Radio Operations.

The ARRL's AMATEUR RADIO PUBLIC AWARENESS DAY - EMERGENCY POWER OPERATING EVENT IS SET FOR SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2005 where we amateurs will participate in a 15-hour operating event on emergency power.   On that day, amateurs make contacts with others who are also using only emergency power to demonstrate preparedness for emergency communications for the public.   (See Sept. QST, p. 49. for additional detail)

The active part of Hurricane Season is already here.

We have some suggestions to make your emergency operating set up easier and more reliable.

PWRgates provide uninterrupted power for your ham station....not even a glitch. When the ac power goes out all radios continue to work.

PWRgates are OR-gates rated at 40 amperes. Inputs are your 13.8 volt power supply and a lead-acid battery. The higher voltage feeds the output. If the power supply cuts out, the battery instantly (at the speed of electrons) drives the radio. When the power supply comes on again it feeds the radio. The power supply charges the battery at all times, keeping it ready for the next power outage.

We have two PWRgate models, each containing a 40 ampere OR-gate:

  • Our SuperPWRgate, model PG40S, includes a battery charger that can be set to 1, 4, 7, or 10 ampere rate. It charges automatically, cycling through a bad-battery check, a high current charge, a peak voltage "absorption" charge, and a constant voltage "float" charge.
  • Our standard PWRgate, model PG40, includes a simple float charging circuit that provides, up to 1 ampere for a drained battery, and tapers off to keep it charged at 13.6 volts.
Place a PWRgate and a battery on your ham station....NO DOWN TIME during power outages. No glitches.
PG40 PWRgate - $69.95 PG40S SuperPWRgate - $119.95  

West Mountain Radio also carries GELLED Cell and AGM batteries that are drop shipped to your home by the manufacturer.

73 AH GELLED Battery - $139.95 79 AH AGM Battery - $119.95  

DC power strips are the convenient way to hook up all your 12 volt radios and accessories. Emergency installations are easy. Just plug in your radios. Move them easily from one site to another.

We make four RIGrunner models; all use Anderson Powerpole® and all inputs and outputs are fused. LEDís light up behind a blown fuse. They come with a 6 ft input cord, and a packet of connectors.

  • Our model 4012 has 12 outputs and our Model 4008 has 8 outputs. They both have LEDís to show high, correct, and low voltage as well as a buzzer to warn you of either high or low voltages.
  • Our model 4005 has 5 outputs. Great for emergency, portable, and mobile installations.
  • The model 4010S has 10 outputs as well as all the features of the other units. However, it has an on-off-auto switch controlling a pass FET. In the auto mode, the radio plugged into output 1 controls all other 9 outputs. All units plugged into positions 2 through 9 will come on when the main radio is turned on. This is a great feature for the ham shack.
4005 - $59.95 4008 - $92.95     4010S - $119.95 4012 - $112.95

Powerpole® and Our PWRcrimp Tool
All our 12 volt power products use Anderson Powerpole®. These fine connectors, used by ARES RACES and commercial emergency services, are rated for 40 amperes but can actually handle considerably more current. Installed properly, they are color-coded, uni-polar, genderless, and cannot be connected in reverse polarity. Best of all they can be installed easily and professionally with our PWRcrimp tool. Get prepared for Field Day. Place Powerpole® on the equipment you are taking there.
  • The PWRcrimp tool works with 15, 30, and 45 Ampere Powerpole®. Just place the connector pin in the holder, shove the wire into the connector, squeeze the handle. It ratchets through till the end is reached, releasing and opening the handles. The crimp is precise and sturdy. Just shove the pin with wire into the black or red housing until it clicks. Connector done!
PWRcrimp Tool - $49.95   WhattMeter - $69.95
* 15A Powerpole® Connectors * * 30A Powerpole® Connectors * * 45A Powerpole® Connectors *
12 Pr - $10.49   25 Pr - $19.95 6 Pr - $5.49   12 Pr - $10.49
25 Pr - $19.95   100 Pr - $69.95
6 Pr - $6.95   12 Pr - $12.49
25 Pr - $23.95   100 Pr - $84.95

Computerized Battery Analyzer II
Test the true capacity of ANY type of battery: up to 48 volts, 0 to 40 amps or up to 150 watts, whichever is higher with our CBA II.

Our new CBA Mark II has 12 bit resolution below 3 amps making it possible to test small batteries as well as very large batteries. Anything from a lithium coin cell to a lead acid repeater backup battery.

Graphs may be displayed, saved, printed and compared. Graphically "see" battery "personality" and performance. Data may also be exported, in .TXT or .CSV format, for use in Spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel ®.

Temperature reading and auto over-temperature cutoff with the optional temperature probe.

The CBA is a "must have" tool for any ham that uses batteries. For the first time and for a very reasonable price, anyone can easily perform and interpret scientific tests of their batteries.

Computerized Battery Analyzer - II
Computerized Battery Analyzer Accessories
CBA Magnetic Temperature Probe - $10.95 Pigtail Adapter - $4.95 Battery Test Clamp - $14.95

More detail plus OnLine Ordering at

We also take orders by phone at 203.853.8080

73  from the Hams at West Mountain Radio, 18 Sheehan Ave., Norwalk, CT 06854

Dan, N1ZZ      Del, K1UHF      Ned, KA1CVV      John, N1OLO      Ed, K3EIN     

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