RIGblaster Plug & Play Troubles with Windows and New Hardware Devices?

Sometimes Microsoft makes it sound like there will be absolutely no troubles when adding new hardware or upgrading your Windows operating system; but we all know better! As more and more electronics are being connected to your PC, Windows has a more difficult time recognizing all new hardware. West Mountain Radio developed USB drivers for the RIGblaster Plug & Play, and has provided them to Microsoft. These drivers are also provided on the CD that is shipped with the RIGblaster Plug & Play. What do you as a customer need to do when you first purchase a RIGblaster or upgrade your Operating System to ensure that Plug & Play is recognized and the correct USB drivers are installed?

We have outlined some quick and easy installation tips to assist you in getting Windows to recognize the Plug & Play. Literally, we will look at three simple cases dealing with Windows 7, Vista and XP.