West Mountain Radio Video Tutorials

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Going Digital Video Tutorial

Watch the West Mountain Radio produced video that will introduce you to the RIGblaster, the leader in sound card interfaces

You will learn how RIGblasters:

  • Easily interface PC to leading manufacturer's radios
  • Perform rig control using Ham Radio Deluxe software
  • Simplify RTTY and keyboard CW communication

Formats: .wmv (Windows Media Player), .m4v (Quick Time Player and Apple devices)
Going Digital Video Tutorial
View Now | Duration: 4:08

Powerpole® Video Tutorial

Switch your shack to Powerpole® connectors!

You will learn:

  • The benefits of using Powerpole® connectors
  • How West Mountain Radio can supply you with everything for switching to Powerpole® connectors

Formats: .wmv (Windows Media Player), .m4v (Quick Time Player and Apple devices)
Powerpole Video Tutorial
View Now | Duration: 3:59

Powerpole® Connector and PWRcrimp Video Tutorial

Assemble ARES and RACES standard polarity protected connectors in minutes!

You will:

  • Learn how to select the properly rated Powerpole® terminal
  • Understand the advantages of professionally rolled crimped vs. soldered terminals
  • See how to use PWRcrimp to properly crimp and align 15, 30 and 45A Powerpole® terminals
  • Go through a step-by-step example, from bare zip cord to polarity protected connector in minutes

Formats: .wmv (Windows Media Player), .m4v (Quick Time Player and Apple devices)
PWRcrimp Video Tutorial
View Now | Duration: 4:18

Please click here for more information on Powerpole® Connectors.

Powerpole® is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products.
Powerpole® Connector Features & Benefits
  • Genderless Housings: Provide simplified assembly and minimize the number of components
  • Stackable Modular Housings: Available in four sizes to right size your connection need
  • Connection Versatility: Contacts for wire, PCB, or busbar all fit into the same housings
  • Low Resistance Connection: Silver or tin plated contacts inside housings that strongly force the contacts together
  • Color Coded Housings: Help ensure that connectors are assembled and mated correctly
  • Self Securing Design: Stainless steel springs create a robust force between the contacts that holds the connector in the mated condition, but allows it to be quickly disconnected.
Powerpole® Connectors
  15A 30A 45A
Amps (UL) Per Pole 0 to 55 0 to 55 0 to 55
Volts (UL) Per Pole 600 600 600
Wire Gauge (AWG) 20 - 16 16 - 12 14 - 10
Polarized Housing
PDF Files
Data Sheet
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