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TARGETuner TARGETuner Mobile Antenna Management System provides a controller with intelligent automatic controls for the tunable mobile screw antenna, and a Remote RF Module. $234.95 Buy Now


CW TOUCHkeyer A touch-operated twin paddle key with a built-in advanced memory keyer. Just touch the paddles to send perfect CW. The TOUCHkeyer has no moving parts, no mechanical adjustments, no clicking sounds. With a little practice, you will find this easier to use than a mechanical keyer. $118.95 Buy Now

CCS C Workshop Compiler for PIC® MCUs

CCS C Workshop Compiler for PIC MCUs The C Workshop Compiler can be complemented with other low-cost development boards and in-circuit programmers/debuggers to allow for seamless development from within the compiler IDE. Start with our integrated Project Wizards to discover new PIC® MCU applications you only dreamed of designing! $99.00 Buy Now

CCS E3mini Board and Book Bundle

CCS E3mini Board and Book Bundle This book provides a hands-on introductory course on concepts of C programming using a PIC® microcontroller and the CCS C compiler. The exercises in the book have been tailored to the CCS E3mini development board. $84.95 Buy Now