The Leader in Sound Card Interfaces

A RIGblaster is the easiest way to properly connect your radio to a computer so that you may operate using over 100 existing and future ham radio sound card software programs. You will be able to operate any sound-card based digital mode that your radio could not otherwise operate.

West Mountain Radio offers multiple feature rich RIGblaster models. The overview table below can help you determine which RIGblaster model suits your needs. To learn more about a specific model, click on the model name within the table. A Detailed RIGblaster Comparison Chart is also available.

Model Radio
Digital Sound
Rig Control
Keyed CW
Price Buy
RIGblaster DXpro

Use 2 Radios
All Manufacturers RIGblaster
(Dual RX Codecs)
USB CIV, CAT or RS232 X X X $299.95 Buy Now
RIGblaster Advantage All Manufacturers RIGblaster USB CIV, CAT or RS232 X     $209.95 Buy Now
RIGblaster Blue with
Bluetooth® Wireless
All Manufacturers Bluetooth®
CIV, CAT or RS232       $229.95 Buy Now
RIGblaster Plug & Play Specific Models PC USB CIV or CAT X     $119.95 Buy Now
RIGblaster Nomic All Manufacturers PC USB or RS232         $69.95 More Info

Click here for manuals on discontinued RIGblaster products.

The Benefit of a RIGblaster

A RIGblaster is more than just a sound card interface for digital modes. For example, a RIGblaster Advantage priced at $209.95 when used with appropriate software can replace the following station accessories:
  • A rig control interface (RS232 or TTL)
  • A multi-mode TNC
  • A contest Digital Voice Keyer
  • A contest Morse Code Keyer
  • An NCDXF propagation beacon detector, clock and analysis tool
  • An Internet-enabled shared remote base
  • An audio repeater controller
  • A DSP receive filter
  • A microphone patch box

Software is Available for These Modes and More

  • PSK31 (all models)
  • WinMOR HF-Email (WL2K)
  • MFSK16 (all models)
  • ALE
  • MT63 (all models)
  • Hellschreiber (all models)
  • SSTV (all models)
  • Digital SSTV (all models)
  • RTTY AFSK (all models)
  • RTTY FSK (RIGblaster DXpro, Pro, Plus II, and Advantage)
  • PACKET 300 &1200 baud AX25 (all models)
  • APRS with packet sound card software (all models)
  • MCW transmit and receive (all models)
  • CW transmit and receive (RIGblaster DXpro, Pro, Plus II, Plug & Play, and Advantage)
  • Contest Voice Keying (RIGblaster DXpro, Pro, Plus II, Advantage, and Blue)
  • WSJT FSK441 High Speed FSK meteor scatter (all models)
  • WSJT JT65 Extreme weak signal Tropo and EME (all models)
  • FM repeater announcements, automatic and unattended. (all models)
  • EchoLink® (web) Internet radio linking with the EchoLink® system. (all models)
  • Simplex or duplex repeater control with EchoStation. (all models)
  • Digital voice over SSB bandwidth on HF (all models)
  • Transmit Speech Processing: EQ and Compression (RIGblaster DXpro, Pro)
  • Computer RIG control (RIGblaster DXpro, Pro, Plus II, Plug & Play, Advantage, and Blue)
  • DX beacon monitoring (RIGblaster DXpro, Pro, Plus II, Plug & Play, Advantage, and Blue)

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