User Submitted Technical Item

Here is the setup we use at K4RY to operate FSK through the RIGblaster Pro using Writelog and the MMTTY plugin.

Radio is Kenwood TS-450

First is Wiring:

Jumpers in Pro:

W/L "ports" menu:

Rttyrite "port" menu:

RTTY Control Panel "Options - Setup" menu "MISC" tab:

I think that should do it for you. Everything seems to work with these limitations. We have to unplug the CW output from the Pro because W/L uses both DTR and RTS as PTT. I can't seem to figure out how to stop that. Also, I am not sure if ALL of the rig control stuff works as it should. W/L reads the frequency fine and can reset the RIT to 0 through the macro, but I can't click on the band map and set the frequency. I am sure that is just a software setting and is not really relevant to this discussion anyway.

If there is anything that I missed that you need, just give me a shout and I will be glad to look at it and report back.


Carey / KI4DVI