What radios will not work with a RIGblaster?

As far as we know all model RIGblasters (except the Plug & Play) will work for sound with every radio that was ever made as long as the cables fit in to the radio.

There are some new radios that work but their supplied microphones do not. These microphones have microprocessor control of PTT that do not use PTT switch contacts to activate the radio. Those microphones will not work with our interface or any other interface.

Icom V-8000, IC-2100H, IC-2200H, IC-2800H, IC-207H, IC-208H, IC-2710H, IC-2720H, & IC-2725E using the stock microphone such as the HM-133V, and the Icom IC-7000 using the HM-151 mic, have a peculiar PTT circuit. When they are plugged into the radio they disable the conventional PTT wiring on the radio's microphone jack and control PTT by a digital signal. This causes the RIGblaster to be able to control PTT only when the microphone is unplugged from the RIGblaster. The microphone works through the RIGblaster but the RIGblaster cannot activate the radio's PTT terminals as they are disabled by the digital mic.

The RIGblaster works perfectly when the microphone is unplugged from the RIGblaster. The work around for this problem is to use any normal microphone such as the Icom HM-118 or HM-103 that has a conventional PTT circuit. Also you can simply unplug the High Function ICOM microphone when using the RIGblaster in digital modes. The Icom mics that incorporate this digital method of PTT are the HM-98, HM-133 & HM-151 however there may be others. Icom only told us about these two microphones.

This is not an issue with a RIGblaster Nomic model as the microphone must be unplugged to use a Nomic (no mic.).

There are some older radios (mainly Icom VHF mobile) which may not work with the Nomic as their PTT circuit has very high current demands compared to modern radios. The Nomic opto-isolator may need to be switched for a solid-state relay if you must use one of the older radios with a Nomic. We have instructions available or can perform the modification for you.

Our other RIGblaster models (except the Plug & Play) use a mechanical relay for PTT which can cope with these older radios.

The Yaesu FT-90, FT-100, FT-1500, FT-1802, FT-2600, FT-2800M, FT-7100, FT-7800R, FT-7900R, FT-8000, FT-8100, FT-8500, FT-8800 & FT-8900 have a Modular 6 microphone jack so our standard cables do not fit. These are the only radios we have seen that use this somewhat unusual microphone jack and PTT circuit. The optional Yaesu Modular 6 Custom Microphone Cable is necessary to use a RIGblaster with these radios. You will not be able to plug the microphone that matches these radios into the RIGblaster, however your computer will be able to pass audio to the radio and you will be able to operate digital modes. The Yaesu Modular 6 Custom Microphone Cable will only allow you to plug the RIGblaster into the radio's microphone connector.
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