Customer Testimonials

I am operating with a newer version of RigBlaster Advantage. Unlike the early 2011 version that I had, this one is measuring up to all expectations.

The audio in and out is impeccable, perhaps cleaner than the audio coming from the shack's computers.

The front panel controls for transmit level and receive level are much better solutions than hunting for the computer's sound card sliders.

The supplied cables and "Instant Set up Connectors (ISC)" allow me to use the unit on any of my rigs. It's a matter of moving one cable and plugging in a different ISC.

Using the Advantage's CI-V or CAT feature allows control of the rig from the local computer or network. The feature is a boon to operating.

An undocumented feature, that ought to be in the manual, allows full break-in (QSK) CW from the keyboard as effectively as from the paddles.

Speaking of the manual, it has been updated, emphasizing straight-forward set up. The older manual is on the CD should you want detailed information. For example, Icom users will want to check the proper wiring of the CI-V cable. The CD also sports a wide range of useful software.

The superbly constructed unit has silky controls and a small footprint.

Testing this new version gave me the opportunity to talk with the factory CS personnel whom I found intelligent and engaging.

In summary, this later version of the Advantage is working extremely well for me.

Bill Karle, VE4KZ

West Mountain Radio

As an owner of both the Rigblaster Pro and Rigblaster PnP, I shouldn't have been surprised by the performance of my recently purchased Rigrunner 4010S (but I was). Along with the PwrCrimp tool, this has got to be an absolute MUST in any ham's toolbox - you guys are to be congratulated for producing such excellently useful tools.

Thanks again!

Really appreciate your support comments for the Nomic interface. I realize that this is your bottom of the line interface product, but you took time for several helpful comments and suggestions. The Nomic appeals to me after building interfaces for several years. I like its simplicity and ability to work with any radio.

I purchased your dsp noise reduction processor about a year ago. Have not used it much until now. Being plagued by an S7 line noise which makes copy very stressful. However, having your processor in my audio output of my transceiver greatly reduces this. Signals still have to be above the noise level of S7 but communications would just about be impossible without your fine product. Sure glad I purchased it!

Love your CBA product line, very functional and flexible features.

I have already have a nomic. Love it, just want another.

I am glad I chose Rigblaster over other products.

I was happily surprised in that I received the PWRcheck. What a neat unit. I have it connected already just to try it out. It was pretty quick delivery and packed very well.

I just wanted to let you know that these ComSpkrs are the best $40 I ever spent! I have had at least a half dozen computer speakers in the shack and these are the first ones that receive NO interface from ANY of my various radios, rotators, power supplies, etc. Thanks!

I recently purchased the Rigblaster Advantage sound card. I must say, this is a fantastic device and was worth every penny over the cost of the SignaLink USB sound card.

I have used a PWRgate for quite a few years; it works like a champ.

Wow! This has got to be the best customer service that I have ever experienced. I just plugged in my new CLRspkr unit. What a difference. I can key my mic now with no problems with the CLRspkr. You guys (and gals) are tops in my books. I'll be sure to let others know about my experience.

Received the new unit in good shape. You guys have a great product in this new unit. It works like a champ and really cleans up the noise and trash. Your company should be very proud of this unit. I especially like the variable filtering, and the volume control. You have also improved the audio considerably. Again thank you very much for the excellent service.

I just wanted to say, it's responses to technical issues such as this and in the professional manner in which you handled a problem with your newly designed CLRspkr which made me decide that when I get to Dayton, I will be guying one of your newer model CLRspkr units. I have owned units from Gap, Heil and other companies, but not only has your reputation for making good products, but also your business integrity to fully support what you sell and the responsive manner in which you handled it has convinced me that you're are company I want to to continue to do business with and buy additional products from as you develop them. Great job. Looking forward to seeing you Friday.

I am very pleased with the CLRspkr here, I also want to praise the West Mountain staff for standing behind their product and wonderful customer support. Thank you.

I needed a good speaker, aimed right at me to help me pull out these weak signals. After doing some research, it was decided to give CLRspkr a try. It has succeeded beyond my imagination. I now regularly pick out signals and work stations I could not copy before. The difference has been nothing short of astounding. It cuts through static and hiss like nothing I've ever seen. This unit has made a good radio great, a good station better, and I could not thank you enough.

Received the clrdsp today. Talk about fast service. I ordered it on Tuesday and received it on Wednesday. If your radio doesn't have dsp this unit is a must have. I can now hear stations I could not hear before. Great addition to the shack. Will definitely recommend this product to my friends.

I bought the new Rigblaster Advantage at the Charlotte Ham Fest this weekend. This little Black Box is amazing. I wanted a box that I could plug my mic in and not have to change cords every time I went from voice to digital. Got it home and started hooking it up and changing settings in my software (Ham Radio Delux, Mixw, and Winlink) after I got all the settings fixed this Radio Advantage runs like a dream, all it takes to change from digital to voice is to pick up the mic and start talking. Next is going to be a Rigrunner that I saw there also. This company has great equipment and easy to set-up. Thanks to everyone that has come up with this great digital box.

After 4 years of continued use, my Rigblaster Plus has not failed once. It is powered up 24/7. I would give the interface an A plus rating. Thanks for designing one excellent device.

I use West Mountain Radio Rig Blasters and Rig Runners exclusively in my station. I also use the West Mountain Radio Power Pole crimp tool which works flawlessly.

West Mountain Radio has great products and I like them very much. The main reason I like West Mountain Radio is because they have what I consider the best Customer Service in the industry.