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"Pickle with USB I/O"
by Craig Johnson, AA0ZZ. (February 2010, QST)
This article is about how the PIC-EL ("pickle") board was updated from using a COM port interface to using a USB interface. The PIC-EL is for Microchip PIC® MCU microcontrollers and is designed to help you develop and test code in an enjoyable way.
"Portable PSK Has Finally Arrived"
by Milt Cram, W8NUE, and George Heron, N2APB. (March 2008, QST)
Learn about the NUE-PSK digital modem and how this product can be used to operate PSK31 without a conventional PC or laptop.
In this article, David Bern describes his first experience with programming a project with a Microchip PIC® MCU microcontroller. He hopes that you will be inspired to start your own Microchip PIC® MCU microcontroller project after reading this article.
"A Frequency Counter for the Experimenter"
by Rubens Fernandes, ex-PY2QE. (May/June 2010, QEX)
The frequency counter described in this article was designed by Rubens Fernandes after he was unable to find an instrument with all of the features that he wanted at a reasonable price.
"SDR Cube: A Portable Software Defined Radio Utilizing An Embedded DSP Engine for Quadrature Sampling Transceivers"
by George Heron, N2APB, and Juha Niinikoski, OH2NLT. (2010, Digital Communications Conference)
Learn about the design of the Software Defined Radio (SDR) Cube for amateur radio operators.
"ARRL's PIC Programming for Beginners"
by Mark Spencer, WA8SME. (2010, The American Radio Relay League, Inc.)
This book was written as an introductory guide for amateur radio operators who are interested in learning how to program devices with Microchip PIC® MCU microcontrollers.
"HamStack Microcontroller Project Platform"
Ham radio operators can use the Hamstack platform to help them learn how to design and program projects that use Microchip PIC® MCU microcontrollers.
"K1EL: Ham Radio Kits"
K1EL Systems and Hamcrafters have been selling ham radio kits for over fifteen years.
Development Tools
Low cost PIC® MCU microprocessor starter kit
An ideal kit for those just getting started with C programming on a PIC® MCU. Includes a C compiler and hardware to support the example programs covered in the book C What Happens by David Benson.
The DSP Analog Development Kit demonstrates the DSP features of the dsPIC33EP256MU806 on an audio conditioning board.
PIC® MCU microprocessor device programmers
Quickly get your hardware up and running with development tools that will not break your budget. Whether you are just loading up a board in the lab, programming a small production run or updating products in the field, CCS offers a range of debugging and programming hardware designed to meet your needs and fit your budget.