RIGblaster Duo Mac OSX Drivers

This version 2.2.14 Mac driver installation has been provided to us by Ronald G. Parsons W5RKN with our sincere thanks for Ron's huge effort.

This driver package has been tested with Leopard (OS X 10.5.x) and Snow Leopard (10.6.x) for both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

It is NOT tested on OSX 10.4.x but should work. Please tell us if you install it on OSX 10.4 and it does install and work correctly.

RIGblaster Duo Mac OSX driver installation instructions.

RIGblaster Duo Mac OSX driver .dmg file

1. Unplug your RIGblaster Duo from the USB (if it was plugged in)
2. Download the above file to your Mac.
3. Once downloaded, double-click this file to extract the installation packages.
4. Double-click the appropriate package for the operating system (10.6 or 10.5/10.4).
5. Follow the instructions on the screen. When the installer finishes, it tell you that the system will now be restarted.

Once the system has restarted, plug the RIGblaster Duo into a USB port, it is now ready to use.

It creates two serial ports -- usbserial-RB-DuoA and usbserial-RB-DuoB.
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