Hardware Drivers, CBA III

This download is only needed if you have lost the CD that came with your CBA and are trying to install on Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11.

For earlier versions of Windows, do an automatic install directly from Microsoft's driver update server.

Click here to download the Hardware Drivers, CBA III.

Windows® 7, 8, 10 and 11 (32bit and 64bit) driver installation instructions for CBA III and IV
(For older versions of Windows, do an automatic install)

1. Download the driver package from above and run. Complete the file save to C:/CBAIII Drivers
2. Plug the CBA III (or recalibrated CBA II) into a USB Port using the supplied cable
3. A balloon will pop up at bottom right that says "Installing Device Driver Software"
4. A balloon will pop up at bottom right that says "Device driver software was not successfully installed"
5. Do not click "Click here for details"
6. Left click Windows Start button (bottom left)
7. Right click "Computer"
8. Left click "Properties"
9. Left click "Device Manager"
10. You will see under "Other Devices": "West Mountain Radio CBAIII", with a yellow warning!
11. Double left click this entry
12. Left click "Update driver"
13. Left click "Browse my computer for driver software"
14. Left click "Browse button"
15. Browse to your C: drive, and highlight, the "CBAIII drivers" folder
16. Left click "OK"
17. Left click "Next"
18. Close all windows this completes the driver installation.
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