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Fixed Level Audio + FSK for ICOM DIN-13



This cable is for Icom radios that have a rear panel 13 pin DIN connector, such as IC-703, 706, 718 & 7000 for Fixed Level Audio and FSK. The mini-plug labeled "FSK" connects to the "Key Out" connector of the RIGblaster Plus II and Plus, "FSK Out"(R6) on a RIGblaster DXpro and Pro or "CW/FSK" on a RIGblaster Advantage for direct FSK keying of your Icom radio from programs that support direct FSK keying such as Hamscope, MMTTY, MixW, etc. The un-labeled mini-plug provides fixed level audio from the 13 pin FSK DIN connector to the Sound Card Line In or "Audio In"(R11) on a RIGblaster Pro or "LINE IN" on a RIGblaster DXpro and Advantage for reception of all digital modes.

Use this cable on these Radios: Icom IC-703, IC-706(all models), IC-718 & IC-7000

Note: If you do not have a RIGblaster Plus II, Plus, DXpro, Pro or RIGblaster Advantage and if your radio does not have a 13 pin DIN rear panel FSK input, do not order this cable.