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PWRbrite LED Light Strip



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  • PWRbrite LED Light Strip
  • (2) Mounting Clips
  • Owner's Manual
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The PWRbrite is a low current, high output LED light designed to be mounted to any flat surface. The self-adhesive, snap-in mounting clips allow for easy installation. Unlike other LED lights on the market, the PWRbrite provides consistently bright, flicker free, light over a wide range of voltage. LEDs produce little, if any, heat and resist shock and impact.

  • Voltage regulated, operating from 11 to 25 VDC drawing only 100 to 150 ma.
  • 18 - 9000 mcd LEDs produce approximately 97 lumen
  • 6 ft. cord with Powerpole® for fast connection
  • 12" length - 9/16" diameter
  • Reflective mylar shade - concentrates light - cuts glare
  • Perfect for ham shacks, campers, boats, trucks and automobiles.

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Power Full Brightness Usable Light 11-25 volts DC
10 volts DC
100-150 ma
60-80 ma
Illumination 18 9000 mcd LEDs producing approximately 97 lumen
Dimensions Length 12 1/2" overall
Diameter 9/16"
Power Cord 72"


Powerpole® is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products.
Powerpole® Connector Features & Benefits
  • Genderless Housings: Provide simplified assembly and minimize the number of components
  • Stackable Modular Housings: Available in four sizes to right size your connection need
  • Connection Versatility: Contacts for wire, PCB, or busbar all fit into the same housings
  • Low Resistance Connection: Silver or tin plated contacts inside housings that strongly force the contacts together
  • Color Coded Housings: Help ensure that connectors are assembled and mated correctly
  • Self Securing Design: Stainless steel springs create a robust force between the contacts that holds the connector in the mated condition, but allows it to be quickly disconnected.

Anderson Powerpole® Connectors and General Installation Tips

Powerpole® Connectors
  15A 30A 45A
Amps (UL) Per Pole 0 to 55 0 to 55 0 to 55
Volts (UL) Per Pole 600 600 600
Amps Continuous 15 30 45
Wire Gauge (AWG) 20 - 16 16 - 12 14 - 10
Polarized Housing
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