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PWRspkr 15W



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  • PWRspkr - Amplified Speaker
  • Tilt mounting bracket
  • (1) 6ft power cable with Powerpole® connectors
  • (1) 1/8" Audio Cables, 6 ft.
  • Owner's Manual
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  • High power 15 watt RMS linear power amplifier minimizes distortion at high sound levels
  • Sharp bandpass filter with 300 Hz to 3.2 kHz pass band attenuates unneeded bass and treble sounds
  • Adjustable gain control
  • Power cable fitted with Powerpole® connectors
  • Plugs into radio's speaker or headphone jack
  • Ideal for use in truck or car for improved communication in noisy environment


Dimensions 4.3" H x 5.5" W x 2.5" D
4.7" H x 6.5" W x 2.7" D when mounted
Power Requirements 9 to 16VDC
Current: 2A max w/ 13.8V supply
Quiescent current 90mA typical
Sensitivity 0.83 VRMS produces full output into 4 ohms (1 kHz signal, 13.8V supply)
Loudspeaker Driver 4 in. treated paper cone
4 ohm impedance
Rated Power: 20 watts
Power Amplifier - Integrated Circuit Class AB Linear BTL (bridged-tied-load) circuit
15 watts RMS audio output into 4 ohms when powered by 13.8V supply
Short circuit protected by shut down
Over-heat protected by shut down
Heat sink is the two PCB ground planes
Pre-Amplifier Active four stage filter with gain
Frequency response is flat 300 to 3.2kHz
18 dB/octave high-pass at 300 Hz (-3 dB)
18 dB/octave low-pass at 3.2 kHz (-3 dB)

Quality Declaration

Product designed, tested and used by ham radio operators onsite.


Powerpole® is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products.
Powerpole® Connector Features & Benefits
  • Genderless Housings: Provide simplified assembly and minimize the number of components
  • Stackable Modular Housings: Available in four sizes to right size your connection need
  • Connection Versatility: Contacts for wire, PCB, or busbar all fit into the same housings
  • Low Resistance Connection: Silver or tin plated contacts inside housings that strongly force the contacts together
  • Color Coded Housings: Help ensure that connectors are assembled and mated correctly
  • Self Securing Design: Stainless steel springs create a robust force between the contacts that holds the connector in the mated condition, but allows it to be quickly disconnected.

Anderson Powerpole® Connectors and General Installation Tips

Powerpole® Connectors
  15A 30A 45A
Amps (UL) Per Pole 0 to 55 0 to 55 0 to 55
Volts (UL) Per Pole 600 600 600
Amps Continuous 15 30 45
Wire Gauge (AWG) 20 - 16 16 - 12 14 - 10
Polarized Housing
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Data Sheet
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