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  • PWRcheck software
  • Micro USB cable
  • 2 pair Red and Black Powerpole® with 30A contacts
  • Owner's Manual
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  • Handles 8 display modes including voltage, current flow in either direction, wattage and amp-hours
  • Measures 0V* to 60V (Less than 8V requires USB power to PWRcheck+), 40A continuous load
  • Accurate to within +/- 10mV, +/- 10mA
  • Resolution - 10mV, 10mA
  • High side monitoring does not require breaking power supply ground or return path, ideal for vehicle use
  • Vibrant LCD color touchscreen displays data in digital, analog and bar graph formats
  • Monitor back up battery with programmable gas gauge
  • Non-volatile memory stores more than 100,000 data points (nearly 2 1/2 months worth of data @ 1 point per minute) without power
  • USB computer interface for configuration and data download
  • Programmable alarm conditions for overcurrent, over/under voltage, amp-hours
  • Uses Powerpole® connectors (see Accessories)
  • Dimensions: 0.875" H x 4.5" W x 3" D

* PWRcheck+ requires a minimum 50mA load to measure voltages below 4.5V.


  • Easily program every aspect of PWRcheck+ operation such as data logging rate, display formats, alarm conditions
  • Displays current, voltage, wattage and amp-hours in real time
  • Integrated charting software automatically collects and displays data
  • Downloads stored data for later analysis
  • Exports to Excel

PWRcheck+ Screen Modes

PWRcheck+ Screen Modes

Chart Series Editor

Chart Series Editor
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Main Screen

Main Screen
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File Menu

File Menu

View Menu
View Menu
Settings Menu
Settings Menu
Info Menu
Info Menu

Computer System Requirements

Basic Requirements:

  • At least an 800 X 600 graphics card and display monitor
  • Windows XP, Vista®: 32 or 64 bit, Windows® 7: 32 or 64 bit, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, Windows® 11
  • An available USB port

Please click here for more information on Powerpole® Connectors.

Electrical Specifications

  Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Input Voltage        
Without USB 7 - 60 V
With USB 0 - 60 V
Input Current        
Without USB 0 - 40 A
With USB 0 - 40 A
Input Current Used by PWRcheck+        
Without USB 0 - 0.120 A
With USB 0 - 0 A

Quality Declaration

This product has been tested to comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules for a Class B computer peripheral and digital device for use in the home and office. This testing is done to ensure the product does not generate RF interference.

Product designed, tested and used by ham radio operators onsite.


  • PWRcheck+ - integrated DC power analyzer, watt meter and electricity monitor
  • PWRcheck software
  • Micro USB cable
  • 2 pair Red and Black Powerpole® with 30A contacts
  • Owner's Manual

Please click here for more information on Powerpole® Connectors.

PWRcheck Diagram

Integrated Set Up:
DC Power Diagram
Powerpole® is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products.
Powerpole® Connector Features & Benefits
  • Genderless Housings: Provide simplified assembly and minimize the number of components
  • Stackable Modular Housings: Available in four sizes to right size your connection need
  • Connection Versatility: Contacts for wire, PCB, or busbar all fit into the same housings
  • Low Resistance Connection: Silver or tin plated contacts inside housings that strongly force the contacts together
  • Color Coded Housings: Help ensure that connectors are assembled and mated correctly
  • Self Securing Design: Stainless steel springs create a robust force between the contacts that holds the connector in the mated condition, but allows it to be quickly disconnected.

Anderson Powerpole® Connectors and General Installation Tips

Powerpole® Connectors
  15A 30A 45A
Amps (UL) Per Pole 0 to 55 0 to 55 0 to 55
Volts (UL) Per Pole 600 600 600
Amps Continuous 15 30 45
Wire Gauge (AWG) 20 - 16 16 - 12 14 - 10
Polarized Housing
PDF Files
Data Sheet
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