Recommended Batteries for Amateur Radio

Below are the recommended batteries to use with our battery boxes. We sell individual battery boxes, pre-made DC-to-GO battery boxes, and custom DC-to-GO battery boxes. Batteries are sold separately and can be purchased from the battery suppliers listed in the table.

Battery Box Battery Size Recommended Battery Battery Suppliers
Battery Box for Group 24 Size Battery Group 24 12V 79AH AGM (East-Penn 8A24M) Remy Battery
Cross Country Battery
12V 73AH Sealed Gel (East-Penn 8G24M) Remy Battery
Cross Country Battery
Battery Box for LiFePO4 Battery LiFePO4 LiFePO4 (Bioenno Power) 10Ah to 40Ah sizes Bioenno Power
Ham Radio Outlet
Battery Box for U1 Battery Group U1 U1 12V 31.6AH SLA (East Penn 8GU1HM) Remy Battery
Cross Country Battery