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Battery Analyzers
Battery Analyzers

Computerized Battery Analyzer

Battery Type:
*Amp Hours: OR Testing Amps:
*Please enter a value in either the Amp Hours or Testing Amps field

Battery Test Modes

Mission Profile more info
Discharge more info
Dynamic more info
Charge Monitor more info
Power Profile more info
Charge / Discharge more info
Duty Cycle more info
Constant Power more info
Multiple Discharge more info
Constant Resistance more info
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Battery Temperature

Do you want to be able to set a temperature limit so that a test will stop if a battery gets too hot?
Yes No

Do you want to be able to plot battery temperature points on a graph?
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Additional Features

How precise do you want the battery test results to be?
Accuracy of ~2% is acceptable Accuracy of 1% or less

If you are using a rechargeable battery, do you want to be able to automate a life cycle test of discharging and charging your battery?
Yes No

Do you want a TTL UART port that can be controlled by an Arduino, Raspberry PI, or other embedded system with a TTL serial port?
Yes No

Warning: Testing batteries over 60V is a shock hazard. Special care needs to be taken.