West Mountain Radio Introduces new CWswitch

Swap Keyers and Paddles Between Two Radios with the Flip of a Toggle Switch

West Mountain Radio is excited to announce the CWswitch, a two-radio CW selector switch that enables a rig's CW paddle and keyers to be swapped between two radios with the flip of a single toggle switch.

The CWswitch selects which radio is keyed for use with break-in or semi-break-in transmit activation using:

This handy device enables CW operators to quickly switch between two radios without having to wire keys in parallel or move cables.

Modern radios usually have inputs for both keyers and paddles. The keyer input is a two-wire straight key jack. It's normally connected to a computer CW interface like most RIGblasters, an external keyer or a straight key. The paddle input is a three-wire jack that keys the radio's internal keyer. It's used with dot-dash paddles that make one connection to send dots and another to send dashes.

The CWswitch features two sets of keyer and paddle outputs, one set for each radio. There are two keyer inputs provided, giving users the choice of using a keyer and either a computer or straight key for CW. Of course, hooking up all three (an external keyer, computer keyer and straight key) is possible if a Y-cord (not supplied) is used. A single paddle input enables one paddle to be switched between both radios.

The CWSwitch is offered in two models, differing only in the cables supplied with the main unit. The CWswitch for RIGblaster duo contains a RIGblaster duo power and control cable, enabling the duo to control the CWswitch. This gives CW operators the choice of using either the RIGblaster duo (via software or PTT switch) or their radio's break-in or semi-break-in transmit control to activate transmit. The CWswitch for Standalone Operation comes with a 12 volt DC power cable designed for use with other rig configurations.

Both CWswitch models are priced at $59.95 and also include audio cables and plug adapters. They are available for immediate shipment from West Mountain Radio, or may be ordered from any authorized West Mountain Radio dealer.

CWswitch Product Details