CWswitch for Stand Alone Operation has been discontinued.
CWswitch for RIGblaster Duo has been discontinued.


  • Two keyer outputs (2-wire straight key jack), one for each radio
  • Two paddle outputs (3-wire jack), one for each radio's internal keyer. Used with dot-dash paddles that make one connection to send dots and another to send dashes
  • Two keyer inputs gives users the choice of using an external keyer and either a computer or straight key for CW.
  • Hooking up all three (an external keyer, computer keyer and straight key) is possible if a Y-cord (not supplied) is used.
  • A single paddle input enables one paddle to be switched between both radios.
  • CWswitch for RIGblaster Duo contains a RIGblaster Duo power and control cable, enabling the Duo to control the CWswitch. CW operators can use either the RIGblaster Duo (via software or PTT switch) or their radio's break-in or semi-break-in transmit control to activate transmit.
  • CWswitch for Standalone Operation comes with a 12 volt DC power cable designed for use with other rig configurations.