Hardware Drivers, CBA & CBA II

Click here to download the Hardware Drivers, CBA & CBA II.

NOTE: You only need to download and install these drivers if you have NOT been using a CBA or CBA II on the computer you would like to use it on. The driver files are also on the CD that came with the CBA.

After downloading and running and saving these driver files, they should be in a folder on your C: drive named "CBA drivers".

When you plug in your CBA or CBA II for the first time, you will see the Windows Hardware Wizard say "Found new hardware". You MUST "tell" the wizard that you "have a disc". Then have the wizard browse to the C:CBA drivers folder.


The original CBA II can not talk to Windows Vista/7/8/10/11 because Microsoft decided to discontinue support for the older style drivers to force vendors to move to their new style drivers. You would need to send the unit back to us so we can load in newer firmware. The calibration data is lost when we reprogram the unit so it then needs to be re-calibrated. We charge $30 for that service and you can arrange to have this done on the RMA page of our web site http://www.westmountainradio.com/rma.php?id=cba&st=1

We also offer a trade up to a CBA V for $110.

Another option is to run XP in a virtual machine (like Oracle's Virtual Box) or the XP mode that comes in Windows 7 Professional. Under XP the older style driver can be installed even if the host operating system is Windows 7-11.
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