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1000 Watt System



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  • Amp Interface Unit (AIU)
  • Extended Software Single Unit License
  • (2) 10X 500 Watt Amplifiers
  • Amp Rack and 1000 Watt Harness Assembly
  • AIU to PC USB Cable
  • (2) Amp Power Supply Cables
  • (4) AIU to Amp Cables
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1000 Watt 100V System



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Same as 1000 Watt System
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Amp Interface Unit (AIU)

The Amp Interface Unit (AIU) can be used instead of a CBA unit when battery testing with a CBA A2 500W Amplifier.

Benefits of Using the AIU Over a CBA

  • Can detect when a CBA amplifier is malfunctioning and stop the test
  • Not possible to select the wrong CBA amplifier configuration in the software which would result in incorrect results
  • Eliminates one of the factors that contribute to error making the results more accurate and simplifying the cables for a multi-amplifier system
  • Allows CBA amplifiers from multi-amplifier systems to be reconfigured to different size systems. For example without an AIU you cannot split a 2000W system into four 500W systems because the units were set to a different amplification factor. Those CBA amplifiers would need to be sent back to West Mountain Radio to be reconfigured.
  • Can connect any number of CBA amplifiers and the software knows what you have

Note: The AIU only works with CBA amplifiers that have (1) a diagnostic port that looks like a modular phone jack and (2) the V2 firmware. CBA amplifiers purchased after October 1, 2022 have both of these characteristics. If you have a CBA amplifier with the diagnostic port that was purchased before October 2022, then it can be updated to the V2 firmware by filling out an RMA request to have it be recalibrated at West Mountain Radio.

Extended Software Single Unit License

  • Unlocks additional features for a specific AIU, CBA V or CBA IV unit based on the serial number

Note: The AIU requires CBA Software Version or later.

500 Watt Amplifier

  • 2 - 10X 500 Watt Amplifiers
  • Amp Rack and 1000 Watt Harness Assembly
  • Discharge Range of 20-1100W and Accuracy min. 100 mA
  • Voltage Range of 1-57V for the standard version or 1-100V for the 100V version

Note: If using CBA III, Extended Software is required to run 500W Amplifier.

Note: The AUI cannot connect to a temperature probe which is required if you want to stop a test when the battery gets too hot or want to graph the temperature.

Note: The AIU does not have a TTL UART port that can be controlled by an Arduino, Raspberry PI, or other embedded system with a TTL serial port.


1000 Watt System

1000 Watt 100V System

Same as 1000 Watt System

1000 Watt System Diagram

CBA Amps with Charge Controller Diagram