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For Serious Operators. Use two radios. Dual high-performance sound cards allow simultaneous monitoring of main and sub receivers. Run digital mode programs on each channel. Perfect for SO2V/SO2R.

Most Popular. Completely integrated sound card allows the PC to generate system sounds like music without danger of unintentional transmission. Built-in rig control and fully isolated CW and FSK outputs.

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Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. Completely integrated Bluetooth® interface pairs with a PC, tablet or smartphone to provide a sound device and a rig control serial port and pairs with a Bluetooth® headset for receive and transmit.

Low Cost Data Port Interface. Simplest RIGblaster to plug in, built-in rig control, and fully isolated CW and FSK outputs but is only compatible with specific radio models.

For Dedicated Digital Stations. Small, simple, rugged and no external power supply required so it is great for portable or QRP operation. Fully isolated transmit audio and PTT keying.

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